The Four Different Types of Learners

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Visual Learners

Prefer to see the info and to visualize the relationships between ideas.


Give them charts and graphics make your presentation highly visual and show the relationships between your various points.


Auditory learners like to recite information out loud to remember it; give them a chance to repeat your points back to you by asking questions and calling for audience answers

Auditory Learners

Prefer to hear info rather than reading it or seeing it displayed visually.

Reading / Writing Learners

Learn beast when-you guessed it-reading and writing; interacting with text is more powerful for them than hearing or seeing images.


Give these kinds of learners written “quizzes” that give them a chance to write down what they have learned; present them with annotated handouts of your presentation, so they can read along with you.


Sprinkle in few exercises that get your audience to stand up and move around in order to demonstrate or experience certain points (i.e. role-playing); you can also ask kinesthetic learners to write things down in order to remember.

kinesthetic Learners

Hands-on, experiential learners; they learn best by doing.
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